Several luxury car rentals offer preferential rates to their customers. For the ones who have a particular production crew or a small or mid-sized business that needs to be on the road, the car rental companies offer special rates. In case you have a special event or meeting that requires the rental of several luxury vehicles, you can always check in for such services with the car rental companies. Military and government personnel are eligible for different discounts. Additionally, many car rental agencies offer association programs as well.

Membership Services

Membership services are also provided by many luxury car rental companies. The companies provide their basic renting options for free to their members. One of the greatest benefits that the members get is that they can make quick reservations every time they rent a car. Members also get the flexibility of signing up for the mailing list of the company to avail special offers. There are special membership programs available from the luxury car rental companies allowing the members to skip lines and get their car rentals immediately as and when required. There are deals available for the frequent customers, and these include exclusive luxury vehicle rental programs and free upgrades.


Luxury car rental companies also offer car insurance. However, when you are taking the services of a car rental company, it is important for you to ensure that the insurance being provided by the firm covers everything.